TOur experienced technician can have your display looking like new. Whether brand of the phone you have, we work on the best quality screens available on the market and in most cases we can professionally replace your screen within an hour time.


We can fix any charging problem that appears on your phone. Whether your phone does not charge or it takes the charge slow, please bring it to the shop and we will see what we can do for you. We can also test your mobile phone battery using our professional equipment to ensure the voltage is correct.


Your phone is dedicated to make calls so there is nothing worst than faulty speaker of microphone. If people cannot hear you when you are speaking to them, this is normally because your microphone is damaged. If you cannot hear music when played, the speaker crackles or the sound is distorted or really quiet even on full volume it means the speaker is faulty. Our experienced technicians will diagnose the problem and find the best available solution for you.


It may be that your software is not up to date or is faulty therefore you may notice some symptoms on your phone such as switching on/off, no signal, not working, buttons, white screen and many more. At our repair centre we can repair most of the software issues within few h ours. Please note that if your phone software needs to be reflashed, we will need to wipe your phone memory. Therefore please ensure that you have your backup done before handing your phone in.


I You may have noticed that your phone cutting off every time a call connects or you may having trouble getting reception. There may be few reasons causing the problem such as software issue, parts failure or loose chips or soldering connections on the motherboard. Our experienced technicians will diagnose the problem and find the best available solution for you.


If you would like to change your tariff and use your phone on a different network we can unlock it for you. At our Edinburgh branch we work on the best available unlocking boxes and we support most of the brands so whether you have Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, Sony, Huawei please bring it to our shop for an estimate. We also provide unlocking service for Iphones using unlocking codes.


If you cannot get access to your phone because you forgot your security code we can remove it for you. In most cases your phone memory will need to be wiped so please ensure your data is backed up prior to repair.


If your phone has suffered any form of liquid damage, simple drying will not help. Liquid can cause serious damage to phones electronic components and break soldered connections. Therefore it is important to switch the phone off and remove the battery immediately if possible to avoid further damage. So even if your phone seems to be working after contact with liquid it does not mean it is not damaged. The liquid continue to corrode the internal components and your phone can simply die. Our technicians have experience in fixing such damages and we taking pride in recovering many water damage phones.