Our Jovy RE-8500 infrared BGA rework station uses the dark medium infrared technology for lead free soldering and desoldering of any PCB components. It is dedicated to repair hardware issues related to power management IC, charging sockets, usb connectors, dc jack sockets. Whenever your laptop has power problems, the screen is blank, laptop turns on and off repeatedly or the usb socket seems to be loose, we can repair that and other hardware faults.


It is necessary to maintain your laptop system on regular basis to ensure its efficiency. We understand that life without laptop can be hard so if you find your laptop slower, your screen appears to be blue, operating system not booting or starting up or some programs not working or behaving strangely it means that probably your laptop requires new system installation. We will not only bring your laptop back to life, we will also protect it from any possible future threats and ensure your system is secured and safe.


We understand how data may be important for our customers therefore if your data has been deleted from the laptop by mistake or the laptop does not recognise the hard drive, it is always possible to retrieve any important information you may store on your device. We also retrieve data from SD cards, micro SD cards or M2 memory cards.


The presence of moisture of any kind will affect your computer’s ability to work properly. It is crucial not to use the laptop and disconnect the power supply immediately to avoid possible future damages. In our Edinburgh branch we use professional ultrasonic bath dedicated to treat liquid damage. The process of recovering water damage device is difficult and requires thoughtful diagnosis therefore it may take longer for us to investigate the problem. However we take pride in recovering many of the water damage laptops.


There may also be other reasons why your laptop does not function properly. If you accidentally dropped your device and your screen has cracked, keyboard button has pulled out or there are damages to the covers, we can fix it for you.